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Follow or transcend the trends?

Where trends seem to change with every season, it's easy to fall into the temptation of following what's latest and most modern. However, there's a fundamental element that should remain constant and endure over time when it comes to your brand: "the logo".

Logos are the public face of a brand, the visual representation of its values, identity, and promise.

Therefore, it's crucial for a logo not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also to capture the attributes and essence of the brand it represents.

While design trends can be tempting, blindly following what's in vogue at the moment can lead to a logo that quickly becomes outdated. Instead, a good logo should withstand the test of time and transcend generations. It should be timeless, enduring, and recognizable, regardless of changing fashions.

This is the moment when you have to ask yourself: What does your brand's logo say?

Representing the Essence of the Brand

The true value of a logo lies in its ability to communicate the values and identity of a brand clearly and effectively. It should capture the essence of what the brand stands for and create an emotional connection with its audience. A well-designed logo not only grabs attention but also communicates trust, quality, and professionalism.

Logo Design Trends for 2024

The year 2024 promises to bring a new wave of creativity to the scene. The influence of artificial intelligence is driving innovation in the field of branding, revitalizing established concepts.

Whether you're embarking on creating a logo from scratch or considering a redesign for 2024, keep in mind that your logo serves as the distinctive symbol of your brand identity. It's the recognizable face to your audience and associated with your company, and it must possess the adaptability necessary to grow and evolve alongside your business.

The following trends in logo design will make waves in 2024:

Art Deco

With its blend of striking geometric shapes and a touch of timeless luxury, this style offers a distinctive and bold option for brands looking to stand out in a saturated market. With its ability to fuse the classic and the contemporary, Art Deco promises to redefine the landscape of logo design in the years to come.

Organic and Sustainable

This trend marks a return to logo design inspired by nature and focused on sustainability. These logos incorporate earthy colors and representations of detailed leaves to convey a connection with the environment and ecological values. The fluidity of nature is reflected in the natural movements integrated into the designs, creating harmony between industry and the natural world.

Nostalgic yet Modern

It remains relevant, blending retro elements with contemporary touches. These logos evoke past traditions and evoke positive feelings from earlier eras, remaining authentic and consistent with the brand's message. The combination of classic fonts and innovative shapes creates a balance between the old and the new, ensuring a meaningful connection with the target audience.

Bright, Bold, and Colorful

It stands out for its use of vibrant and bold colors that convey energy and joy. These logos are dynamic and versatile, adapting to a variety of industries and businesses. Their ability to stand out on different backgrounds ensures a striking and consistent presence across various applications, from websites to marketing materials.

Logo developed by Estudio CKS for Boston Scientific

Hybrid Colors

This trend is gaining traction, combining complex design elements, different fonts, and bold color blends to create logos rich in depth and detail. These unexpected combinations, such as overlapping letters and subtle transparencies, are meticulously executed to enhance the impact of the logo without overwhelming it. It is important to consider how these creative combinations will influence your brand's message and where your logo will be displayed, whether in physical or digital environments.

Less is More

It's gaining ground, simplifying logo designs to better fit the smaller screens of mobile devices. These minimalist logos are characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and a focus on essential elements, ensuring a clear and recognizable appearance across various platforms. Their simplicity makes them memorable and easy to recall in a visually saturated environment, conveying a sense of sophistication and timelessness that aligns well with brands seeking to project reliability and authenticity.

Logo developed by Estudio CKS for architecture studio The Shopper Experience

Lowercase Letters

The use of lowercase letters is emphasized in logos, ranging from refined fonts with elegant curves to simple, technologically styled typography. Font choice is crucial for telling your brand's story, as every element of the visual identity should communicate the same message in a unified design. Lowercase letters offer a sense of cohesion and unity, allowing the logo to be perceived as a complete and memorable entity.

Illustrative Typography

Highlighted by merging letters to create striking shapes or establishing memorable monograms in logos. This technique turns words into visual artwork that not only represents the brand's name but also tells its story and effectively conveys complex messages. Illustrative logos add depth and symbolism to the brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on those who see them.

Intentional Misalignment

In contrast to the previous trend, this one seeks to stand out by including hand-drawn elements or a degree of imperfection in logo design. This intentional imperfection adds a personal touch that establishes a closer and more accessible connection with the audience.

Whether through hand-drawn details or broken and distorted fonts, this trend reflects a "do-it-yourself" aesthetic that sets brands apart and conveys authenticity in a technology-dominated world.

Logo developed by Estudio CKS for Boston Scientific


Seeks to convey speed and energy through visual and typographic techniques that suggest constant movement. Using diagonal lines, streamlined shapes, and vibrant colors, these designs evoke a sense of swiftness. Additionally, slanted typography and universal speed symbols are employed to reinforce this idea. It is essential to maintain simplicity and clarity in the design for the logo to be effective and memorable in representing the brand.

Element Disintegration

This technique involves conveying concepts of change and transformation through visual effects such as gradual fading, fragmentation, or dispersion. It is essential to find a balance between creativity and the readability of the logo, ensuring that the technique used consistently reflects the brand's identity and values.

Logo developed by Estudio CKS for El Faro Productora


Several trends are anticipated to reflect a continuous evolution in aesthetics and visual communication. From the elegance of simplicity to bold experiments with colors and shapes, logo design for this period promises to be diverse and dynamic.

The relentless pursuit of authenticity and emotional connection will remain a central theme driving creativity towards unique visual narratives and powerful symbols.

It is crucial to remember the importance of a lasting logo. By resisting the temptation to follow momentary trends and focusing on the authentic representation of the brand, logos can become enduring symbols that withstand the test of time and transcend generations.


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