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The Latest Instagram Secrets - Stay Updated!

The Instagram platform has just received some exciting updates that you won't want to miss out on. Keep reading to uncover all the latest developments and how they can enhance your experience on this app.

From new features to interface improvements, Instagram is ready to surprise you once again.

New Instagram Features

In a competitive social media market, Instagram must compete with other platforms to maintain and attract users. It seeks to constantly innovate to stay at the forefront of trends.

Here are the new features the app offers in 2024:

1. Music in Carousels

Until recently, only Reels and Stories had the option to add music. Now, Carousels join the team - what great news! No more static posts without sound.

Give all your posts a musical touch!

2. Polls in Comments

Allows Instagram users to conduct polls directly in the comments section of their posts. This feature provides the opportunity to receive instant feedback from the audience on specific topics. Users can initiate a poll by writing a question and providing response options, and followers can vote and leave comments on their preferences.

3. AI Stickers

These are automatically generated graphic elements that can be added to conversations in Instagram Direct. These stickers use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to create unique and personalized images, allowing users to express themselves more creatively in their direct messages.

4. Cropping

This feature allows users to create custom stickers from their own photos. Users can select a photo with a clear subject, and Instagram will automatically crop the image to create a sticker. It's a fun and personalized way to add unique visual elements to stories and direct messages.

5. Broadcast Channels

If you want to broadcast content massively, say hello to broadcast channels. It allows users to send mass updates to followers who have opted in to participate in their channel. This feature is similar to sending a message to all subscribers of a channel and can be used by business accounts and creators to share news, promotions, events, and other relevant information with their audience.

Image taken from About Instagram

You probably find this communication system familiar, and you're not mistaken. You can use it with the same logic as Email Marketing or Newsletters. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, let me explain what a newsletter is and how to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy.

6. Collaborations in Reels and Carousels

Users can invite up to three friends to collaborate on creating a Reel or Carousel, allowing them to combine multiple clips or images into a single post.

This feature fosters creativity and collaboration among Instagram users. Once the collaboration is completed, the content is published on the original creator's profile and appears in the feeds of their followers, as well as in Instagram's explore and search sections.

Collaborations can help expand the reach of content by allowing multiple users to share the post on their own profiles, increasing visibility and engagement.

Image taken from Instagram user

Commercial Features of Instagram

Business profiles allow companies and creators to access additional tools, such as post analytics, follower demographic information, and the ability to promote posts. They feature a professional dashboard to access Insights and action buttons to promote products or redirect audiences with quick access.

Instagram's commercial features offer a range of benefits for both businesses and content creators, such as:

Professional Dashboard

This is where you access Insights, measure your account's performance, and discover how to drive your metrics towards success. From useful tools for scheduling posts to tips for growing your business, this dashboard has it all!

Interactive Bio

With interactive features like direct links to your business address and phone number, your followers can access key information with just one click. And don't forget the link in your bio: it's your opportunity to direct traffic straight to your website or any other place you want to highlight!

Instagram Insights

Instagram statistics, also known as Insights, provide valuable information about your account's performance and your posts.

These statistics allow you to:

  • better understand your audience

  • assess the impact of your content

  • adjust your strategy accordingly.

Keep track of your success on the platform with detailed analytics!

Instagram Live

It's a powerful tool that allows users to stream real-time video content to their followers.

Here are some ideas to take advantage of the tool:

  • you can answer questions

  • showcase new or in-stock products

  • show behind-the-scenes, the team, the physical store

  • or simply chat anecdotes and converse with your followers.

At the end of these videos, Instagram will ask if you want to save it to your feed so that other users who couldn't join in real-time can access the content.

Make the most of the tools!

All these aforementioned options were created to facilitate the marketing of products and services on the app. It's up to each individual how to use the tools that are offered to us.

Messaging Features of Instagram

Messaging is useful for maintaining private conversations, sharing personalized content, collaborating on projects, or simply communicating more directly with friends, family, or followers.

The direct messaging feature is also used by many brands and businesses to provide customer service, answer customer questions, and create closer relationships with their audience. Not only can you write individually, but you can also create groups.

You can send GIFs or stickers in any direct message. Additionally, you can send polls or interactive quizzes to any group chat (any message with three or more accounts involved). Have fun interacting with your followers with these creative features!

Comments on posts generally appear chronologically, but sometimes those with the most likes will appear at the top. You can pin comments at the top of the stack (directly below the title) to control which comments your audience sees first. This way, you highlight important or funny comments for everyone to see first :)

Now, let's talk about Instagram Notes. An option that hasn't been on the platform for so long. Imagine they're like your own personalized bulletin board on Messenger. You can "pin" short messages at the top for everyone to see for 24 hours. What can you post in these notes? Events, promotions, life updates, and much more!

Instagram messaging is a versatile tool that facilitates private communication and interaction among platform users.

Instagram Story Features

Instagram stories are a dynamic and ephemeral way to share moments from your day-to-day life with your followers. They allow users to post photos and short videos that disappear after 24 hours. They also offer a variety of creative tools, such as filters, stickers, polls, and quizzes, allowing users to customize and make their stories more engaging.

Story Highlights

As we mentioned earlier, stories disappear 24 hours after being posted. That is unless they're saved in a Highlight. Story Highlights allow you to keep notable or informative Stories "pinned" and easily accessible at the top of your profile.

Interactive Story Stickers

Story stickers allow users to interact with their content while staying within the Instagram app. Interactive stickers include polls, links, quizzes, music, location, reactions, countdowns, questions, and more. You can use these features to engage with your audience, gather opinions, or get ideas.

Instagram Story Links

This option serves to easily link a URL. You'll find this function in the stickers that you can add. If you have a website, sell products, write articles, have other social media, contact methods, this sticker will be very helpful for directing your followers to the website you desire with just one click!

Instagram Story Captions

Captions are a classic way to enhance your Instagram Stories game: they allow you to overlay text, emojis, and tags on the photo, reel, or post you're sharing. This option is available if you choose to upload videos that contain original audio and is a recent update to the platform.

There are many ways to leverage these resources; you just have to find the one that best suits your marketing strategy. If you need help, schedule a meeting with us so we can assist you ;)

Hidden Instagram Features

Instagram has some interesting features that may not be so evident at first glance. Optimize your interaction on Instagram with these useful functions!

1. Quick Replies

When managing a business account on Instagram, it's common to frequently receive the same questions. However, Instagram offers us a little-known way for users to address this situation. You can improve efficiency in managing these recurring queries by using Instagram's saved responses.

Set up default responses and save time!

Go to Settings > Business > Quick Replies and type the text you want.

Create shortcuts for longer responses and use them by simply typing a shortcut.

For example, use "return policy" for a detailed response about your return policy.

2. Comment Control

Keep the comments section under control by filtering offensive keywords. With these tips, you can hide, delete, and even disable comments on your posts. Controlling comments has never been easier!

  • Hide offensive words. Go to Settings > Privacy > Hidden Words to set up your filters.

  • Remove unwanted comments by swiping left on them and selecting the trash can icon.

  • Disable comments on individual posts by going to Advanced Settings while posting an image.

3. View Liked Posts

Have you ever lost sight of a post you loved? Now you can easily access all the posts you've "liked."

Simply click on the hamburger menu on your profile and select "Your Activity." Then, navigate to "Interactions" and click on "Likes" to see all the posts you've marked as favorites.

So far, these are the updates and features that Instagram has to offer us in 2024. Surely more will be added throughout the year.

Remember that social media is a showcase for your product or service and a space to build a community. Make the most of it!

Did you know about all these features?


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