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The end of organizations as we knew them

That the world is changing is no longer news. The question is, what are we going to do with this change and how will it impact our lives and our professions?

That the world is changing is no longer a novelty and that it will continue to do so either. The question passes, then why are we going to make that change and how it will impact our lives and our professions.

Agility, collaboration, associativity, resilience, adaptability, have become the new skills to develop if it is to survive

One of the areas where the greatest changes are perceived is undoubtedly in the economy and business. Large corporations are in trouble and cannot adapt quickly. The resistance of leaders and structures are an anchor to adapt and survive.

The recent ranking of the richest in the world in 2021 of the prestigious Forbes magazine throws a piece of information that only reaffirms the degree of changes and trends in where the world is going. Of the five richest, three are part of companies that are less than twenty years old: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. The list is completed by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. The five companies that these billionaires lead belong to service industries. This same ranking twenty years ago had all product-producing companies, banks and oil industries.

The flows of information, financing and capital, human capital, marketing and sales do not have defined borders, it is something like everyone against everyone everywhere. Agility, collaboration, associativity, resilience, adaptability, have become the new skills to develop if it is to survive.

To understand, I invite you to imagine two worlds. In the first, if one wants to undertake, he must resort to mortgaging his house to get a loan at interest rates that will surely be a heavy burden for his first years, at the same time if his idea or enterprise bothers a corporation it is very possible that He tries to destroy you using his contacts and economic power or, in the best of cases, he tries to buy you to neutralize you. If the objective is to open new markets, you will need to open offices in each of them, rent an office, hire staff, lawyers, accountants, etc. Everything before earning income.

In this world, contracts are the most important thing and lawyers are a necessary evil to move forward.

In order to penetrate a market and sell your products, you will have to invest large sums of money and 50% of that investment will be taken by agencies and intermediaries. Accessing the mainstream media, where customers are, involves investments that exceed your limits and you must settle for secondary media praying that someone will see them.

Now I invite you to think of another world. In this world, what is important are ideas and the ability to interpret needs by creating products or services that solve them. The initial investment is not provided by a large bank or usurer, but rather there are hundreds of small investors who decide to invest a small portion of their savings in an idea, not only for the income, but because they believe that the project can improve the environment. This new company does not have offices and its collaborators are partners under associative formats.

Technology is the greatest asset and it is within reach and at an affordable price. With offices around the world through a network of entrepreneurs, IP lines and representatives, contracts are replaced by agreements based on trust. With creativity and resources well invested in social networks and digital marketing, they manage to compete as equals with large corporations. Employees hate being called that, and emotional pay is more important than money. Large corporations are overwhelmed by the impossibility of adapting to changes and go out to look for small entrepreneurs to inject into their structures the necessary energy to be able to reinvent themselves.

Now two questions that can define your reality: In which world of the two that we present to you do you live? Which of the two do you think is the one with the most future?

Source: | By Jonatan Loidi

* Jonatan Loidi has a degree in Marketing and a postgraduate degree in customer experience from the Disney Institute. He is CEO of GrupoSet where he works as a consultant and international speaker on topics related to innovation, marketing and strategy. He is the author of several books among which stand out what is that of marketing? 2016 and Business + digitals, 2019.


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