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Exploring Wix Studio: Our Experience in Miami

Greetings to all the creativity and design enthusiasts! Today, we want to share with you an exciting experience we recently had.

At CKS Studio, we always seek opportunities for improvement and learning. That's why, when the opportunity arose to attend the Wix Studio workshops in Miami Beach, we didn't hesitate for a second. We lived three intense days filled with learning and had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of Wix Studio and discover the latest trends in web design and development. Here, we'll tell you about our incredible three-day experience in sunny Miami.

Day 1: Starting with Energy

Our adventure began with a deep dive into the Wix Studio platform. As we learned about the new tools and features, we realized we were in the right place. But what truly set this day apart? The passion that permeated every corner of the Miami Beach offices.

Day 2: Connections and Collaborations

On the second day, we delved even further into the world of Wix Studio. This time, we participated in simultaneous workshops on Branding and Blocks. Can you guess which one each of us attended? 😉

While the designers delved into design and animation in the Branding master class in one workshop, others delved into coding and explored the new opportunities of apps through Blocks.

It was exciting to see everyone having a great time and enjoying the learning and possibilities that this platform offers.

Partner conversations were pivotal on this day. 😁

Day 3: Closing on a High Note

Our last day at the Wix offices in Miami.

It was the scheduled day to meet Matías, our account executive, whom we've been working with for three years. It was a spectacular encounter, with alfajores as a gift 😃.

Following an update meeting with Matías, a series of meetings with different Wix team representatives took place, where we shared experiences and exchanged valuable feedback about the platform.

This experience was enriching for both us and the Wix Studio team. We're grateful to be a part of this community and excited about the joint growth that awaits us.

We feel thankful for the opportunity to interact with the incredible Wix team and other partners. This experience reminded us of the importance of community and collaboration in the world of design and marketing.

This journey has been an exciting step forward in our commitment to innovation and excellence in our services. We remain committed to providing our clients with the best of us, leveraging the latest tools and knowledge acquired.

Although our experience in Wix Miami has come to an end, this is only the beginning of new and exciting adventures that we look forward to sharing with all of you. Stay tuned to our blog for more details on our experiences and the latest trends in the world of design and marketing.

(*Note: The 12 alfajores we brought as a gift lasted only 24 hours – it seems they really liked them!) 😋


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