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The effect of a facelift of an online project - Quondos case

We was playing again. We have done a little facelift for Quondos. This is the impact it could have.

If I have counted correctly, it is the fourth facelift of Quondos since we launched the project. Changing the web always involves a greater effort than one imagines, although you have to differentiate.

The different levels of change in the last 4 years in Quondos

  • Re-launch: is what we did from the first to the second facelift. With the new design went a new platform hand in hand. And with it a series of new functionalities. It is the hardest at the level of change due to errors that arise and resources that you have to invest to carry out this task.

  • Launch improvement and optimization: from the second to the third facelift we fixed a lot of bugs, especially usability. New gamification features have been added to further improve the user experience.

  • Redesign: From the third to the fourth change we simply did a redesign without hardly touching the functionalities. Of course, it was done from the first to the last page. It was a complete redesign.

  • Face wash: This has been the newest and lightest change. The entire web has not been touched, but only the most visible parts.

A new design allows you to reconnect with your users

A visual change in an online project symbolizes movement. This in general is a positive sign because it shows that you care about your business and that you want to continue improving it.

In addition, it is also a point of contact with your existing and potential clients to collect their feedback. You invest resources without immediately receiving something in return. You show that what you care about is a better experience for your users.

In short: a facelift is not going to help you bill more miraculously. It is one of many things you have to do. It helps you both to retain those who are already there and to give the last push to those who were already almost convinced to buy from you. Or at least that's what I like to think ...😉

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By: Carlos Bravo


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