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Growing as a Wix Partner ;)

MIAMI 2024

We're thrilled to share our latest achievements as a Wix Partner Agency, a leader in the LATAM market!

Our collaboration continues to grow and strengthen, prompting us to have another in-person meeting in Miami with our account executive, Matías Pérez Albela, who is part of Saúl López Silva's team. Additionally, it was a pleasure to reunite with Vicky Borges, who led the Wix Studio training during our visit to Miami in September 2023!

This time, we met outside of Wix's offices due to their ongoing remodeling. Therefore, we organized our meeting in a cozy coworking space near the offices, and took the opportunity to enjoy a walk along Ocean Drive before getting started!

Time in the meeting room flew by, amidst conversations and shared great ideas. We were excited to reconnect with Matías and Vicky, and meeting Saúl was fantastic!

During our meeting, we shared experiences, explored new possibilities, discussed our concerns, and defined strategies as a team.

As always, we love to maintain a collaborative culture within our team, and this meeting was a perfect opportunity to do so!

Although time in the meeting room was limited, our eagerness for more ideas and projects was not! That's why we decided to continue our conversations over a warm lunch together, where we continued sharing stories and laughter.

What I didn't tell you is that Matías became a true fan of Argentine alfajores after our previous visit, so they couldn't be missing! Look at the happiness on their faces in the photos.

The nostalgia of visiting the offices led us to make a brief stop by that space that had warmly welcomed us a few months ago, so we made a quick visit there and received some gifts for the Estudio CKS team 😊

There were many interesting topics left for future meetings, but the most important thing was the shared time and positive energy

I'd like to share the message Matías left us:

"It was a true pleasure to meet with my partners Cynthia and Ignacio from Estudio CKS to discuss our new Studio editor and how they have successfully positioned their agency in the global market. During our conversation, we explored business strategies and how Studio will not only facilitate the creation of websites with impressive design and functionality, but also how the workspace can manage the various businesses an agency works with."


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