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10 Brand methods and strategies to try in 2023

By paying attention to the recent brand methods and strategies, you can make your company stand out among competitors and provide your target audience with products and services it might be interested in.

According to HubSpot, 80% of marketing specialists believe that the industry transformed more in the past 3 years than in the last 50. Because of high inflation rates and inevitable recession, it is now more important than ever to adapt to these changes and implement these strategies in practice.

2023 is expected to bring new marketing trends caused by changes in customer behavior and technological advancements.

Get Your Content Mobile Optimized

In the wake of the pandemic, most companies optimized their websites for mobile users. This trend is likely to become more popular in the future. It’s explained by the fact that over 50% of site traffic comes from mobile devices.

In 2021, millennials and Gen Z people started to buy products more often, which is why it is important to build mobile-optimized sites.

Besides, companies should not forget about using attractive images optimized for web use. Such photo editing services as FixThePhoto will come in handy for those who want to make their content more appealing to a wider audience.

If you take a look at the recent research conducted by HubSpot, you will see that 84% of marketing professionals want to spend money on mobile optimization in 2023. In addition, 64% of SEO professionals also believe that mobile optimization is a must. This trend is likely to develop in 2023. By using this successful brand strategy and optimizing your site for mobile users, you can get a cutting edge over your competitors.

Create Short Videos

These days, TikToks and Instagram Reels are used in marketing campaigns with a lot of success. They allow companies to engage more potential clients and make their brands appealing to millennials and Gen Z clients.

Videos are considered to be 1200% more effective than other services. According to the data provided by LearnHub, videos get more likes and shares than text and images. People remember 95% of the message when watching videos.

Instagram has recently changed its algorithm to increase the visibility of users who post engaging video content. Besides, companies can present their products and services during live streams to improve the customer engagement ratio. Live streaming and influencer marketing allow potential customers to communicate with people who have already used a product.

By watching videos, they can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of a product, which, ultimately, helps them to make an informed decision. To get started with video marketing, make sure to use Biteable, Renderforest, and Animoto as well as other programs that will help you save much time.

Get Influencers Involved

People are more likely to make a purchase if a product gets recommended by someone they know. Influencers promote products and services even more effectively than stars. People trust influencers and are likely to purchase products they recommend even if they know that it’s paid advertising.

This is why more companies are going to dive into the world of influencer marketing. This market increased from $1.7 to $9.7 billion in 2016-2020. In 2021, its size reached $13.8 billion, which indicates that it has a huge growth potential. This year, it further expanded to $16.4 billion.

To make the most out of influencer marketing techniques, you need to establish a partnership with influencers who have the right target audience. It will allow you to promote your products or services in the most natural way.

As it might be challenging to find a suitable influencer, many brands use services provided by GRIN, Upfluence, and other platforms that make it easier to find the most suitable influencers.

Make Your Business More Inclusive

It’s crucial to reach out to people of different ages, regardless of their ethnicity and gender identity. Besides, companies should make their sites available in multiple languages, take into account the disabilities their clients may have, as well as consider their financial situation and religious beliefs. By segmenting their target audiences, they can reach out to more people who have different needs.

Brands strive to become more inclusive to improve their reputation and look more approachable. They present ads featuring people from marginalized groups to make their marketing campaigns more memorable. Such ads are more likely to become hotly debated and become viral, which, in turn, improves the visibility of a brand.

58% of clients state that they ceased to support a brand because of a lack of LGBTQ representation in marketing materials. 42% of U.S. clients would like to see more ads with people of different races. Such world-known brands as ThirdLove, Nike, and Bumble became the leaders of the inclusive revolution. They are known for attention-grabbing campaigns with people of different races, sexual orientations, ages, and body types.

Leverage the Power of SEO to Rank Higher on Google

While most people have been using SEO to increase the online visibility of their businesses for years, recently, SEO strategies have become more complex and effective.

In 2023, marketing professionals intend to invest in short-form videos, influencer marketing, and SEO. 88%of professionals who already use SEO strategies want to invest more in them in 2023. Last year, 84% of marketers intended to do the same.

Well-thought-out SEO strategies remain as relevant as ever. Due to the development of the algorithms used by search engines, SEO becomes focused on answering basic search queries. Companies are looking for SEO professionals who can provide them with detailed reports and optimize their content to make it easier to find.

Ensure Customer Privacy

In 2022, there were numerous cases reported when client security was compromised. It resulted in authorized access to user data. 39% of companies detected cyber-attacks in the last year. Because of this, clients started to prioritize businesses that can guarantee the safety of their data.

Companies have to implement solutions that make user data safe from cyber-attacks. In 2023, it’s expected that marketers will use blockchain solutions and AI-driven tools as well as other brand methods and strategies that ensure the security of client data.

New security measures help companies stand out among their competitors, become more trustworthy, and increase the loyalty of their clients. It allows them to improve the customer retention ratio as well. If you want to get more high-quality leads, you may need to use pro-level privacy solutions, such as SolarWinds Security Event Manager, SecPod SanerNow, Intruder, and Acunetix.

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Many people these days use Alexa and Google home to communicate with search engines and find the information they need quickly. 71% of people prefer using voice search tools to find useful information online.

Voice search services are also popular among people with disabilities who face some difficulties with typing. If you want to scale up your business and make it more inclusive, it’s important to ensure that your clients will be able to use this search method.

By optimizing your content for voice search, you can drive more traffic to your website. Besides, this successful brand strategy allows you to quickly address any issue your clients might face. If you provide your clients with easy-to-understand answers, your content might appear in the featured snippets.

Try Nostalgic Branding

According to the recent research conducted by Billboard that touched upon the effect of COVID-19 on the way people watch TV shows and enjoy other multimedia content, more than 50% of people started to watch TV shows and films that were popular when they were young. The prices of Pokémon cards have sharply increased and the stars of the TV shows that aired two decades ago became hugely popular on TikTok.

It became possible due to the fact that most people like to remember the past. You can use nostalgic brand marketing to invoke cherished memories and ensure that your products will be associated with happy feelings. It will help you win customers’ loyalty and improve the recognition of your brand. In 2017, the Nielsen study demonstrated that ads that invoke positive emotions are more effective.

Nostalgia marketing allows you to associate your brand with positive ideas. When looking at your ads, people will feel an instant desire to purchase your products because they remind them of the way things used to be. To make your marketing efforts more successful, you need to learn more about the preferences of your target audience.

Find out about the media they used to watch and the music they enjoy, as well as learn what type of content they like now. By conducting thorough research, you will learn more about the cultural backgrounds of your clients and discover which ads work best for them.

Introduce Sustainable Branding Initiatives

According to researchers, 88% of clients are convinced that businesses play a pivotal role in the transformations of society. This is why they are expected to take part in solving environmental problems. Besides, consumers believe that companies should offer sustainable products.

These days, people pay more attention to what they buy and are looking for companies with ethical brand methods and strategies. They want to purchase products from sustainable brands. Recent research shows that 23% of clients are ready to pay 1% to 5% more for sustainable goods.

Because of this, many companies want to implement sustainable practices to scale up their businesses and make them more ethical. It allows them to meet the raising demand and win the trust of their clients. If you take a look at the Fjallraven company which specializes in outdoor recreation products, you will see that it uses recycled materials and minimizes water usage. Patagonia also focuses on implementing a sustainable approach.

This company produces apparel and outdoor gear. It encourages its clients to exchange their old products for new ones and asks them to think about whether they need new products if their old gear is still functional.

Use Social Media as a Customer Support Tool

Until recently, not many companies have used social media to provide customer support, however, this emerging trend gradually becomes more popular. These days more than 25% of marketing professionals use DMs to answer their clients’ requests. Besides, 15% of customer support professionals intend to provide such services in 2023.

It’s no wonder that this trend is gaining popularity, as Instagram and Facebook offer many e-commerce tools for those who want to scale up their businesses and establish their digital presence. This is why it’s important to answer the questions asked by clients who use these platforms as their main communication channels.

Millennials and Gen Z customers enjoy communicating with companies using social networks. According to HubSpot's 2022 Consumer Trends Survey, 20% of Gen Z clients and almost 25% of millennials used social media to get in touch with brands in the past 3 months.


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