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Estudio de diseño
Two professionals from Marketing and the Design, with lots of years of experience in different Companies, that have passion on what they do.
We enjoy both the process and the results of each one of our clients.
We search the best solution, understanding that each client is UNIQUE.
Linkedin Ignacio Salas



Graduated from the University of Belgrano, more years ago than I prefer to remember. I specialized in Marketing and I fell in love with Marketing and Communication throughout my career and work experience. I worked for many years in Telecommunications, Security and Insurance Companies, always in Commercial areas such as Marketing, At. to the Client and New Businesses.

I did a postgraduate in Marketing and Communication. I was also lucky to develop part of my career outside the country, in Boston, MA, USA and in Johannesburg, South Africa, which taught me the importance of the diversity of ideas.

I developed a couple of independent businesses, living five years in the Argentine Patagonia. Currently, in addition to working from our Studio with different clients, I teach Marketing and Marketing in the careers of Tourism, Gastronomy, Hospitality, PR and Events. And above all, I never stop learning.

Linkedin Cynthia Cravero Klinsky
Behance Cynthia Cravero Klinsk



The UBA (University of Buenos Aires) was my place of studies as a designer. I worked for the Decentralization of the City of Buenos Aires and then for the Strategic Plan of the City. My weakness for the publishing world led me to move where I worked from within in editorials and then I started working on my own projects with independent authors. I put together my design studio, doing work with a great diversity of clients. From Commercial Premises, Insurance Brokers, Associations, Independent Professionals and Publishers among others.

I did a Postgraduate in Marketing and Communication and I teach in the careers of Tourism, Gastronomy, Hospitality, PR and Events, where I share experiences every day with the new generations. Today we grew up covering the Marketing and Communication strategy, as an integral part of the service we provide.

And as they say there, "the important thing is not to do what you want, but to want what you do" ... and I have a lot of fun with what I do!

Damian Said.jpg
Linkedin Cynthia Cravero Klinsky



I have always specialized in Marketing, I have worked in multinational, medium and small companies and I have also develop out several of my own ventures. I did lot of interesting things like converting the image of several brands, developing products, participating in the launch of new telecommunication technologies in Argentina and even sponsoring race cars.

This gives me today the possibility of understanding business. Nowadays, having a clear focus, oriented to results and understanding the digital world are the key to investing little and earning a lot. Who doesn´t want that?

I am a graduate of the Torcuato Di Tella University, with an MBA in Marketing Management from Universidad del Salvador, NY State University and a Major in Service Management from Escuela Argentina de Negocios.

In addition to collaborate at the Studio I follow every new development in the world of digital marketing.

I am a family man who is passionate about sailing and outdoor life.

Our philosophy ...
more work and less philosophy

We believe ...

on the little things that can make a big impact

Helado con caramelo

We are funny...

but we take our job very seriously

Planta de mesa

Simple things ...

aiming at the clarity and order of the design


We don't nap ...

but we don't work on weekends either


We leave foot prints ...

inspiring creative expression and helping others make their own steps

Reloj anticuado

We like to be punctual...

that they respect our times and respect the times of others

Captura de pantalla 2023-04-04 a la(s) 09.05_edited.png

En CKS Comunicación, Marketing & Diseño nos especializamos en el posicionamiento de las marcas en México. Estudio CKS trabaja en conjunto con SIAG, su agencia asociada para el desarrollo de servicios en Latinoamérica. Ambos trabajamos en conjunto en diferentes proyectos para ofrecer resultados de excelencia a todos nuestros clientes.

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