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Privacy policies



This PRIVACY POLICY applies to all personal data that ESTUDIO CKS collects when the owner interacts with ESTUDIO CKS, such as when visiting our websites, when acquiring the products or services offered by ESTUDIO CKS, when subscribing to newsletters, when communicating with customer service and, in general, in any situation in which you interact with ESTUDIO CKS as an employee, client, contractor or supplier, which requires personal information to maintain current relationships.

The foregoing includes, without limitation, all online and offline compilations of all types of personal data "true, adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and purpose for which they were obtained (Article 4 of the Law No. 25,326). "



This PRIVACY POLICY implemented by ESTUDIO CKS complies with the requirements of Law No. 25,326 on the Protection of Personal Data that is in force in the Argentine Republic, its object being to protect the personal data of its holders, both of Argentine natural persons or foreign and such as Argentine or foreign legal persons with legal domicile in Argentina, which are collected and / or archived and / or registered in the Company's databases.

In accordance with article 6 of Law No. 25,326 “When personal data is collected, the holders must be informed in advance in an express and clear manner:

  1. The purpose for which they will be processed and who may be their recipients or class of recipients.

  2. The existence of the file, registry, data bank, electronic or of any other type, in question and the identity and address of its person in charge.

  3. The mandatory or optional nature of the responses to the questionnaire that is proposed, especially regarding the data referred to in the following article.

  4. The consequences of providing the data, of the refusal to do so or of their inaccuracy.

  5. The possibility of the interested party to exercise the rights of access, rectification and deletion of the data.



The treatment of personal information carried out by ESTUDIO CKS is obtained through different activities related to its commercial activity and the obligations it has as an employer. Data collection can be done, to name a few examples:

  • When you communicate with one of the representatives of the ESTUDIO CKS Customer Service Center through email, telephone, or visit our point of sale.

  • When browsing our website.

  • Through the voluntary provision of information through our dialogue windows to request a product or service.

  • By directly collecting your data when you complete the Service Request.

  • To request the receipt of messages on your phone / mobile device.

  • By subscribing to a newsletter from ESTUDIO CKS.

  • At the time of selection and subsequent hiring of staff.

  • During the development of the labor benefit.

  • In the normal and ordinary development of the commercial relationship with suppliers, such as to make payments, etc.

In addition, we may collect personal data through cookies or similar techniques that include, but are not limited to:

  • Your IP address

  • Your cookie ID

  • Your web browser

  • Your location

  • The web pages you visit on our websites

  • The ads you have seen or clicked on



When you interact with ESTUDIO CKS, we may collect the following personal information:

  • Name and surname

  • Personal mailing address

  • Personal email address

  • Personal phone number

  • Age and date of birth

  • IP adress

  • Name, telephone and address of the company you work for

  • DNI

  • CUIT or CUIL

  • Name of the bank with which it operates and bank account number

  • Educational path, title, certificates, etc.

The personal information of the holders is found on our servers, located in the facilities of ESTUDIO CKS and they have all the physical, technical and administrative security measures.

On some occasions, personal information can be stored in physical files, and for these cases we have also established information access controls and other physical, technical and administrative security measures.



ESTUDIO CKS undertakes not to reveal or transfer to third parties the personal data of the owner saved and / or registered in the databases and / or physical files, except for a pertinent judicial order.

The exception is that ESTUDIO CKS can accept the transfer of personal data to a third party complying with the requirements of article 11 of Law No. 25,326 "The personal data subject to treatment can only be transferred for the fulfillment of the purposes directly related to the legitimate interest of the transferor and the assignee and with the prior consent of the owner of the data, who must be informed about the purpose of the assignment and identify the assignee or the elements that allow it to do so. The consent for the assignment is revocable. "

ESTUDIO CKS will disclose personal data only in accordance with this privacy notice or when required by law.



The owner of the data is recognized by ESTUDIO CKS, always within a framework that does not imply abuse, the rights of access, rectification, updating, cancellation and / or deletion of their personal data.

According to article 14 of Law No. 25,326 (Right of access) “The owner of the data, after proof of identity, has the right to request and obtain information on their personal data included in public data banks, or private companies intended to provide reports. The person in charge or user must provide the requested information within ten calendar days of having been reliably intimidated. Once the period has expired without the order being satisfied, or if the report is evacuated, it is deemed insufficient, the action for the protection of personal data or habeas data provided for in this law will be expedited. The right of access referred to in this article can only be exercised free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest to that effect is proven. The exercise of the right to which this article refers in the case of data of deceased persons will correspond to their universal successors. "

While Article 16 of Law No. 25,326 (Right to rectification, update or deletion) establishes “Everyone has the right to have their personal data rectified, updated and, when appropriate, deleted or subjected to confidentiality. holder, which are included in a database. The person in charge or user of the data bank must proceed to rectify, delete or update the personal data of the affected person, carrying out the necessary operations for this purpose within a maximum period of five business days after receiving the claim from the owner of the data or being warned the error or falsehood. Failure to comply with this obligation within the term agreed in the preceding paragraph, will enable the interested party to promote without further action the protection of personal data or habeas data provided for in this law. In the case of assignment, or transfer of data, the person in charge or user of the data bank must notify the rectification or deletion to the assignee within the fifth business day after the data has been processed. The deletion does not proceed when it could cause damage to the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, or when there is a legal obligation to keep the data. During the process of verification and rectification of the error or falsehood of the information in question, the person in charge or user of the database must either block the file, or record when providing information related to it the circumstance that it is subject to review. . Personal data must be kept for the periods provided for in the applicable provisions or, where appropriate, in the contractual between the person responsible or user of the data bank and the owner of the data. "

At the request of the owner of the data, ESTUDIO CKS will rectify, update or delete your personal information filed in our databases. To do this, please write to us at .

All ESTUDIO CKS employees who are linked to the service are subject to a "Confidentiality Agreement" and may not use, copy or reproduce, reveal to third parties, any information contained in the databases of ESTUDIO CKS, as established in Article 10 of Law No. 25,326 “The person in charge and the persons who intervene in any phase of the processing of personal data are bound by professional secrecy regarding them. Such obligation will subsist even after the end of your relationship with the owner of the data file. The obligated party may be relieved of the duty of secrecy by judicial resolution and when there are well-founded reasons related to public security, national defense or public health. "



We want to know you better so that we can offer you better products and services, although we respect your choices regarding the use of your personal data. If you wish to receive information or personalized offers, you can notify us by checking the corresponding box on the Service Request form. You can also tell us when you no longer want to receive email messages through the unsubscribe option that they have.

ESTUDIO CKS uses cookies when a visitor or customer browses the sites and web pages of the site. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and their computer and do not themselves provide the user's first and last name. ESTUDIO CKS cookies cannot read data from your hard drive or read cookie files created by other providers. The owner has the possibility of configuring his browser to be notified on the screen of the receipt of cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies on his hard drive.


The services provided by ESTUDIO CKS are constantly evolving, and both the form and the nature of the products and services offered could be without prior notice. For this reason we reserve the right to make modifications or additions to this privacy notice.

We will post any revisions to the materials on our websites and will indicate, at the top of the privacy notice, when the most recent update was made. We invite you to check the latest version frequently.

The privacy notice will take effect at the time of its publication. If you do not accept the corrected notice, you must change your preferences or stop using the ESTUDIO CKS pages. By continuing to access or use our services after such changes take effect, you agree to be bound by the revised privacy notice.


"The owner of personal data has the power to exercise the right of access to them free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest to that effect is proven in accordance with the provisions of article 14, paragraph 3 of Law No. 25,326.

The National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data, Control Body of Law No. 25,326, has the power to deal with complaints and claims that are filed in relation to non-compliance with the rules on protection of personal data (Article 2 of the Provision 10/08 of the DNPDP). "

Likewise, the owner of the data may request the rectification and / or updating, and / or deletion of their personal data by sending an e-mail to  ESTUDIO CKS will rectify, update or delete your personal information filed in its databases, carrying out the necessary operations for this purpose.

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